Through Children’s Eyes, ‘It’s A Beautiful World’

On October 19, Zoar Ridge Stables hosted 27 children who were participating in Embrace Hope’s “It’s a Beautiful World” photography workshop. Read more


Newtown, One Year Later

There are the balloons that suddenly appear everywhere on children’s birthdays — red for Avielle, green for Ben, Mylar ducks for Jesse… Read more


Honoring the Children – Newtown One Year Later

A look at the way Avielle Richman’s parents are honoring her by creating a foundation to support mental health research… Read more


Embracing Hope in Sandy Hook

At VolunteerSquare we choose to take a moment on the 14th of every month to remember the victims of Sandy Hook by sharing a story of individuals or groups giving back to the community… Read more


Sullivans’ Horses Help Sandy Hook Heal

The December 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School devastated many Westporters. Newtown is close to home… Read more



An international non-profit is helping people everywhere learn the benefits of equine therapy… Read more


Newtown’s love of horses helps healing

Some local equines and their visiting friends have a role to play in the coming days and months to help the community… Read more

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