Our goal is to create a foundation that will help those in need today and last for decades. All donations will be put to work supporting the Embrace Hope mission. Following is a laundry list of items that need to be funded to keep Embrace Hope afloat. We start with the very basic needs and as we grow and offer our help to more and more kids we anticipate that we will have enhanced Foundation needs. The Basic and Additional Needs are the requirements needed to keep the Embrace Hope doors (stables) open today. Hoped for and Ultimate Needs help to describe how we intend to grow the organization over time.

Basic Needs

  • Feed for horses and other animals
  • Care of animals – basic and at times professional eg veterinary
  • Shelter for animals
  • Facility upkeep
  • Build and maintenance of animal farm
  • Reimbursement of professional expenses for EAGALA sessions
  • Insurance coverage

Hoped for Needs

  • Salary for staff psychotherapist
  • Additional EAGALA trained staff member
  • Onsite housing for staff members

Additional Needs

  • Marketing fund for materials, website, fundraising, etc
  • Funds to support database software
  • Salary for FT Embrace Hope, EAGALA trained staff member
  • Salary for PT Embrace Hope maintenance staff member
  • Funds for continuous training for staff members
  • Acquisition/replacement of horses as needed
  • Acquisition of farm animals

Ultimate Needs

  • Purchase of horse farm dedicated solely to Embrace Hope