Embrace Hope intends to be around for decades, but we need your help. We rely on your donations to keep the program running. Please help keep Embrace Hope alive.

There is so much healing that still needs to be done, so we are embarking on a 3-pronged fundraising plan that we hope will raise the funds needed to build the program and anticipate that we will become a flagship healing program for suffering children. The program needs are driven primarily by the number of children that participate in the program. Each child, on average costs $265 per session. Our costs then increase depending on number of children and number of sessions per week.

Our Path Forward and our ability to continue to help the Sandy Hook community heal depend on the generosity of others. We have a plan; we need the funds in order to execute that plan. Please join the Embrace Hope Sandy Hook Equine Assisted Therapy movement and become part of the solution.

Animal Wellness Fund: The horses and farm animals at Embrace Hope play an integral role in the healing process of our children. This fund provides for the nutrition, medical care and quality of life for twenty animals. Chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep and horses are our greatest teachers and healers, their maintenance expenses can be supported by sponsorships, gifts or feed/supply donations. Animal welfare is at the core of our mission, so great lengths are taken to assure they receive the utmost care.

Animal Husbandry Afterschool Program: Youth mentoring program that teaches children how to care for the animals at Embrace Hope. Teaching responsibility, kindness and the satisfaction that comes from working towards the care of animals that in return give companionship, love and trust.

Equine Assisted Therapy: Our equine therapy program is a 12-week session cycle. It requires a mental health practitioner, an equine specialist and the use of horses and private facilities. As an alternative therapy treatment, it is often not covered by insurance. We are in need of sponsors for children who are unable to meet these costs.

Farm Club Program: Farm programs were developed to give the survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting a place to rebuild trust and reestablish social relationships. The farm provides an environment where children feel safe, can be confident in their responsibility and take small risks. They work as a team to care for farm animals, as well as participate in educational programs that also promote supportive relationships, empathy, self-confidence and resiliency.

Facility Fund: Our greatest challenge in providing services has been to share facilities with a commercial horse stable. We are restricted in our hours of operation, and hence cannot provide therapy to all who ask. Our waiting lists continue to grow, as the success the program becomes more recognized.

It is our goal is to find a facility to become the permanent home for Embrace Hope, allowing for us to address all the needs of our community and to extend our services to children surviving trauma throughout Connecticut.