About the Farm

Embrace Hope has had children participate in the program from the first weekend following the shooting, and every weekend since. Just this past August, as school was approaching, we had a spike in requests for sessions, or to just come to the farm to ease nerves prior to the beginning of school. Memories of the tragedy are still very fresh and continue to haunt our community.

Our Team

Annette Sullivan – Annette is a non-Executive Director of Embrace Hope Sandy Hook. She and her husband are owners of Zoar Ridge Stables, which serves as the home base for the Embrace Hope Sandy Hook Equine Assisted Therapy program, and are members of the Sandy Hook community.

Annette is an experienced horsewoman and teacher to many area children. Creating the Embrace Hope Foundation is a personal mission of Annette and her husband Brian, who have a strong and abiding desire to help those suffering in their community.

Mary A. Poupon, APRN, BC – Mary has her masters in Science in Psychiatric Nursing from Columbia University and is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She brings a broad set of skills to Embrace Hope with a special focus on children and adolescents. Her experience includes psychiatric consultation and assessment, individual and family group therapy, crisis intervention and bereavement counseling.

Importantly, Mary is an EAGALA Certified professional who combines her academic training, clinical experience and love of horses to deliver the gentle care Embrace Hope Sandy Hook participants seek.