Greetings and Happy New Year from Embrace Hope. I am honored with the opportunity to lead the organization as the new Executive Director. As I reflect on the past five years I continue to be in awe of the previous Executive Director and Founder of Embrace Hope Annette Ammentorp.

After the school shooting on 12/14/12 at the Sandy Hook Elementary School Annette immediately opened the door to her beautiful farm to the community. The organization EAGALA utilized her space and the horses on the farm to provide equine assisted psychotherapy to those in need. Annette had an open door policy for any family, adult, teenager, child who wanted to spend time in the serene setting of the farm to heal. What an amazing and selfless gesture. Imagine telling folks to come to your home at any time. Her generous spirit started the vision of the non-profit Embrace Hope. Embrace Hope was founded to help the children, families, first responders and members of the community to heal from the tragedy that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

To date Embrace Hope continues to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to those in need. PTSD can last a very long time particularly when it is not treated. PTSD symptoms vary and may last a life-time or increase in severity around anniversaries or triggers related to the event. Unfortunately there have been multiple tragic events in the news which continue to traumatize the members of the community and the nation.

Annette’s vision as the founder is to continue providing equine assisted psychotherapy therapy free of charge to those in need and widen the scope to treat children, adolescents, adults and families from other communities who are victims of crime or experience a trauma.

Annette recently has left on her next adventure and has relocated to Tennessee. Annette’s vision as founder and her participation as a member of the board continues to be an inspiration to all around her. Please join me in wishing Annette a very Happy New Year and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mary Poupon MSN, APRN, EAGALA certified
Executive Director