Embrace Hope Sandy Hook utilizes an equine assisted therapy program to bring healing to our participants. Equine assisted therapy sessions:

  • Promote and improve self-efficacy and esteem, motivation, skills acquisition and task accomplishment
  • Promote and improve levels of social competence, social contact, skills and pro-social relationships
  • Promote and improve emotional and cognitive coping abilities
  • Promote and improve communication, trust, empathy, bonding and team work
  • Reduce fear, aggression, loneliness, negative mood, anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Improve stress relief, quality of life and wellbeing
  • Promote and improve educational skills and ability to focus on structured learning and tasks (i.e. learning the alphabet, colors, word association, sequential thinking, speech and appropriate behavioral issues), and play and game competencies
  • Promote independence, sense of responsibility and personal growth.